Dust Cleaner Pro Instruction Manual

This vacuum attachment contains dozens of tiny suction tubes that pick up dust and dirt as they move. These suction tubes are flexible, so they'll reach almost anywhere, including into an air vent or down a drain. Since they're softer than hard plastic, they won't cause damage to fragile objects while sucking up dust around them, and they're small enough that they won't automatically suck up tiny objects.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Plug Into Universal Adapter
    To start using your Dust Cleaner Pro, you'll need to plug its black end into the blue universal adapter that has come with it. This adapter will help you attach it to any size or style of vacuum you want to use it with.
  2. Attach to Vacuum
    Once the attachment is securely connected to the universal adapter, you must attach the entire pair to the nozzle of the vacuum of your choice.
  3. Clean Almost Anything
    Next, when your vacuum and the attachment have been securely put together, you'll be able to clean almost anything with the two of them. The Dust Cleaner Pro attachment has been designed with indoor dirt and debris in mind, but if it's attached to a vacuum that you can safely use outdoors, it'll also suck up outdoor dirt.
  4. Remove Attachment (optional)
    When you're done using this vacuum attachment to do your cleaning, you can remove it and the blue universal adapter until the next use, or leave both attached to your vacuum if you'd like.


  1. Power Down Appliances First
    Before you use this vacuum attachment to clean any small or large appliances that would normally be plugged in, be sure to unplug them and turn them off. That way, you'll ensure that the suction tubes of your attachment will never come in contact with an electrical charge, which could be potentially dangerous for both you as the user and the surrounding environment.
  2. Don't Submerge in Water
    While the Dust Cleaner Pro attachment will be able to withstand a few drops of water hitting it by chance, it's not meant to be completely submerged in water. You'll be able to use it to clean small pieces of debris out of a bathtub or sink, but you'll have to make sure there's very little water in that bathtub or sink first. The same goes for any other debris-filled area that may at some point be filled with water. If this vacuum attachment were to get completely wet, the water could damage it and the vacuum it's attached to.