Bone-conduction Stereo Bluetooth Headphones User Guide

Product Features

The bone-conduction technology design of our headphones solve the troubles and problems of in-ear headphones. As a result, the wearer can perceive surrounding voice better and wear comfortably. Our stereo bone-conduction headphones are the best choice to answer calls and enjoy exquisite music, which combines moisture proof and sweat-proof dropping function. 

How To Wear 

To avoid the fracturing of the headset bracket, please don’t make the arc of bracket be too large when you wear it. 


Our bone-conduction headphones can be fully charged within 2 hours by connecting to a PC or 5VDC power supply outlet via Micro-USB data cable. A red indicating light will flash slowly before full charging, and turn blue when fully charged. 


In shut down mode, press power button about 3 seconds, the indicator light will enter into red & blue lights flashing state, and with voice prompt. Activate Bluetooth menu on a mobile phone or a PC and set it to search status by selecting "MUSIKO2A”. 

Tips: The bone-conduction headphones will search automatically and connect to the latest device after turning on. The headphones will disconnect from a device when they deviate 10 meters (33 feet) effective distance from the device. Only replacing it within 10 meters, they will reconnect. If the disconnection between them is more than 3 minutes, it will go to sleep or shut down. 

LED Indicating 

Low battery: LED flashes red slowly

Charging: LED stays red solidly

Fully charged: LED stays blue solidly

Pairing: LED flashes red and blue alternatively

Sending or receiving callsLED flashes red quickly

IncallLED flashes blue slowly

Bluetooth music playLED flashes blue once each 20s 

Operating Instruction

Playing Music 

Play / Pause: Press the multi-function button(MFB) to play, press again to pause;

Next: Continuous double-press MFB for the next song with a voice prompt "beep"; 

Answer/End Calls

Answer/End a call: Press the MFB to answer a call or press another time to end.

Reject a call: Press the MFB for 2-3 seconds to refuse the phone call.

Mute on/off: Press the MFB for 2-3 seconds to mute on, and press 2-3 seconds again to call off.

Redial: Double-press of MFB with a voice prompt"last number redial

Function Button

Turn on/searching: Pressing power button for 2-3 seconds with a voice prompt “Power On / Pairing”

Turn off: Pressing power button for 2-3 seconds with a voice prompt “Power Off”

Bluetooth connects successfully: Voice prompt “Boom Boom”

Bluetooth disconnect: Voice prompt “Tinkle”/“paring”

Volume prompts: Press “+”/“—” buttons with a voice prompt “Boom ” /“Deep ”.

Battery low: Voice prompt:“Battery low”.


1. Boom will be heard once the Bluetooth disconnects.

2.“Dong dong” will be heard once the Bluetooth connected.

3.A voice prompt “Battery low” will be heard if the battery is low.

4.It’s impossible to redial the last call by double_press of the MFB unless the music has been stopped for more than 2 seconds.

5.Volume button will only be available during the progress of calling or music playing.

6.Some capabilities depend on your mobile phone and network

7.It will be shut down automatically when pausing but on operation within 10 minutes.


If the headphone is unable to start up, low battery may be the reason, please try to restart after recharging.

If the Bluetooth headphone is unable to connect automatically, a possible reason is that headphone is placed in deep sleep mode and you need to press the MFB to solve it.

If the headphone is unable to pair devices, it may be due to environmental interference and Bluetooth headphones can’t enter pairing mode, try to restart the headphones and enter pairing mode.